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Russian Internet Network Marketing

This training takes place through the general online marketing-related issues in Russia and Finland. Training  is a 1 / 2 day or full-day Course



Kymi University of Applied Sciences

Apprenticeship 05/05/2011 Lecture: Russia internationalization of Finnish
corporate market area, the Enterprise Networks

Edupoli, apprenticeship training,  pecularieties of customer service for russian clients

Course Autumn 2009

Russian Seminar, Porvoo city tourism across the borders
11.3.2009, Porvoo

Lappeenranta Business and Tourism Ltd Network Marketing in Russia:

25.1.2008 Kouvola, 28.1.2008 Mikkeli, 31.1.2008 Lappeenranta, 31.1.2008 Imatra

Kymi University of Applied Sciences

Marketing in Russia /Semesters
2006 Spring
2008 Spring
2009 Fall
2011 Spring - Fall

HSE / Small Business Center Internet networks in Russia
16.1.2007 Mikkeli of 15.5.2007 Mikkeli, 24.5.2007 Mikkeli, 5.6.2007 Savonlinna

FINTRA Finnish ICT review to Russian businessmen

Training for immigrants, Cursor Oy, a Finnish myself, How can the employer?
14.-15.11.2006, Kotka

SVKK Internet marketing in Russia


Russian Projects

During the course is presented the key elements of successful projecting Russia. The course opens why the Connecting Process is needed between EU and Russian company.

This is explained with a help of practical examples from real cases experienced Russian cases.

In addition, during training we explain how the Connecting Process is created between companies, how it is developed and maintained, and why seamless connection between companies is way to successful projects.

When companies have the Connecting Process in place, the efficient and profitable mode of business operations in Russia can be reached quicker.

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