We are a company specializing in information systems for process plants, construction and property maintenance for over 25 years.

The rating of customer information about our company is three A. We are a reliable and competent supplier. Our partner network includes several companies in the IT industry, information networks and electrical engineering.

We master information technology and especially its application. We do not do things because of information technology, but business, utility and usability above. Our services: Digital solutions, such as the Jopi application, for logistics, construction and maintenance Exploration of energy saving targets in real estate, industry and lighting Surveillance camera and lighting systems and LED luminaires With our applications, our client company, e.g.

The municipality of Posio and electricity companies have increased the efficiency of maintenance work, improved its quality, increased customer satisfaction and reduced costs.

Products Our products are: Jopi - a web-based application service for construction and maintenance fault prediction data solutions and prediction models industry standards meet high quality and secure networks surveillance camera and lighting systems measurement and control solutions for heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting

Our products: streamline the construction and maintenance of the processor increase work efficiency and harmonize the recording of matters to be rectified save energy and thus reduce costs and carbon dioxide emissions (CO2 emissions) improve the company's image as the carbon footprint of production decreases increase security and prevent burglary or vandalism facilitate the investigation of possible damages, etc. You can find out more about our industrial solutions and products related to IoT devices and sensors on the iot4work website